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  • Why your product price is higher than similar products

    When we design our products, the target for service life is more than 10 years. Energy pointing, appearance, service life, and safety are considered in the materials used. The difference can be found intuitively in the product weight density.

  • What services do you provide?

    1. Standardized samples (2+ pieces) Fast shipping, 3-15 days, limited optional plugs

    2. Standardized medium order (20+ pieces), 15-30 days, light customization (logo, product packaging, shipping packaging)

    3. Standard product mass orders (300~2000+ pieces),45-60 days, optional value-added services (special appearance, extra functions, special standards)

    The above services are applicable to electric heater products.

  • Why far infrared heaters are more energy efficient ?

    Why the far infrared heaters are more energy efficient?

    From a sensory point of view, the far infrared heater can convert 80% of the electrical energy into infrared with sufficient power, and the other 20% is lost in contact between the surface and the air. Far-infrared rays can ensure that this part of the energy has a chance to be mostly transmitted to the human body.

    It can be said that the current consumption is 10 units, and the heater is properly windproof when it is close enough. The human body can directly obtain 3-7 units of energy, and there are only beneficial effects.

    Compared with heat pump air conditioners, 10 units of electric energy are converted into about 30 units of air heat energy. Taking a 4*5*3m sealed room as an example, the area of 76 square meters is 1.6-square meters larger than the surface area of the human body. According to the contact surface of 40:1, we found that under maintaining a constant temperature, only less than 1 unit of electric energy can heat the human body. Considering the characteristics of hot air rising, part of the energy is more scarce.

    After hearing the above discussion, do you still think that air-conditioning heating saves more electricity?

    Did someone say solar energy heaters? Imagine, 100 units of solar energy, are transferred to people through air heat after storage and conversion. How many units are left?

    As discussed above, when the circuit allows, it is very necessary for the far-infrared heater to choose a large power to reduce the loss in air contact, and a higher proportion of far-infrared conversion is the final solution to save electricity in winter, close to the heater better

  • What is the covering area of JH heater?

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  • How do JH infrared radiant heaters work?

    A classic convection heater heats initially circulating air. Our infrared heating panels first people and objects, not the air around it. Infrared rays heat up the skin in a short time, and that warm glow goes through the blood circulation around the body. So you feel pretty soon a comfortable warmth while the surrounding air can be cooler.
    This illustration shows the difference between conventional and convection heat infrared heater:                      
    1.It warms human body directly by far infrared ways, instead of wasting lots of energy to warm the air.
    2.Compared with other radiant heater, it has much higher electricity-heater efficiency, because our heater adopts new Nano technology.
    3.It is much more comfortable than other electric heater.

  • How much does it cost to operate JH infrared radiant heaters?

    Assuming an electricity rate of €0.35 per kilowatt-hour, the operating costs for JH heaters range from €0.63 per hour (1800 W) to €1.12 per hour (3200 W). For comparison, a much less efficient “mushroom-type” patio heater with 13 kW costs €4.55 per hour to run, i.e. four times as much as the most powerful and longest  model.

  • What is difference between 13A heater and 14A heater?

    The difference is only the radiant panel design, inside heating element and structure are same, and the heating effeciency is also same.

  • What is the best installlation height?

     Recommended installation height is 1.8 to 2.5 meters
  • Why Short Wave ?

    Basially,the shorter the wave,the more easily it travels throught the air,Short wave infrared generates heat by heating the object it meets with,without heating the air around it, Even effective and instand heat withou pre-heating. A good example for this mode of acton is the effect that occurs when a person walks out of the shade into the sunlight. Although the ambient temperate remains the same,they feel the temperate as considerably warmer under direct solar radiation.

  • Why infrared?

    Benefis of short wave infrared radiation lamps compared with other radiating elements  

    Efficinecy: 92% of the energy consumed is transformed into infrared radiation and hence into heat,Ablity to direct the radiation:As with light,it is not affected by air currents ,there is no loss of enery,and the heat is applied where it is neeeded. 

    Versatility: The power input can be adjusted between 0% and 100% without any effect on lifespan. 

    Cleanliness and Safety: No noise,dust or smoke. 

    Compactness : Optimal power density.